Fee Structure

School Fees for 2023

Fees are billed in full at the start of the school year and are payable in full by 2 June 2023, however, an instalment plan is available.

1 Child $1525 per year
2 Children $2165 per year
3 or More Children $2500 per year
Building Levy $340 per year per family
School Magazine $40 per year per family
Instalment Dates
3 March 2 June 1 September 1 December

Student Levies

The Student Levy is an annual fee which includes the  curriculum fee per child that covers the use of  photocopying, some text books, audio visual equipment. library resources, cultural activities etc. Also Excursions, Swimming and Camps for Years 4-6.

This levy will also be billed to your account.

Year Level Levy
Foundation $565
Year 1 $545
Year 2 $535
Year 3 $535
Year 4 $770
Year 5 $980
Year 6 $1000